Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Base Goal... Accomplished

After many late nights, WaWa runs, and several robot-kicking-human-incidents, we've finally managed to accomplish our base goal of having the robot follow a human being in a straight path at a fixed distance.  Video proof of this is soon to follow, we promise, but below we have some pictures of our completed rigs, including several cables that we built ourselves.  Enjoy!

Below is a picture of our rig.  The Kinect is screwed on to a piece of laser-cut acrylic.  The BeagleBoard is attached via standoffs.  You can see many of the cables we made ourselves, including a custom connector to run the BeagleBoard off of the robot's 5V power supply and the connector to run the Kinect off the robot's 12V power supply.  Also, we modified the cable that connects to the Kinect itself.  it now has a standard female connector on one end.  We modified the standard cable that plugs in to the wall so that it now terminates in a standard male connector.  This makes it easy to switch between powering the Kinect off the robot and powering it from the wall.

Below is a picture of our rig from head on:

And, below are a few more pictures of the rig on the robot:

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