Friday, April 8, 2011

Initial Success!

After several hours in Detkin Lab, we have reached our first milestone!  The Kinect is sending its data over USB to our laptops, and our laptop is generating a graphical representation of what the Kinect sees.

Initially, we were using the instructions on this website to compile and enable OpenNI, an open-source Kinect Library.  Thanks go to Jeff and Eric for showing us this website.  OpenNI is great, but the instructions on this website were more geared towards running OpenNI on a computer.  Matt found a website with instructions that are more Linux friendly.  We followed these, and were able to get OpenNI installed and running on each of our laptops.  Below are results from two of the Sample programs included in the OpenNI library.

Below is an example from Sample-NIUserTracker.  This program creates a "stick figure" image of the person, which is great for tracking appendage movement, and the movement of the center of mass of the person (as indicated by an X on the torso).  Below is Tim doing his best Captain Morgan:

Below is an example from Sample-PointViewer.  This program handles both depth mapping and image tracking.  Specifically, the program begins by having the user shake one of their hands vigorously.  Then, the program tracks the person's hand, drawing a line that follows its movement.  Below is Matt drawing a circle with his hand:

We will spend the rest of this weekend working to modify the code to suit our needs.

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