Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bench Mark Reached: Tracking in X, Y, and Z

Staying true to ourselves and our past performance, the solution to incorporate z data was incredibly simple, and we just missed it.  Basically, just as before for x and y there were the variables pt[0].X and pt[0].Y that stored the values of the x and y components of the center of mass of the person being tracked, there is a variable pt[0].Z that stores the value of the z component of the center of mass.  Thus, with some code shuffling, we get the below output:

And thus, we now have working code that tracks the x, y, and z data for the center of mass of a human being.  From here, we will work on making the code even lighter so that it can run efficiently on the BeagleBoard, as well as creating a physical platform to hold the Kinect and BeagleBoard when we attach it to the RHex robot.

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