Thursday, April 14, 2011

SD Cards and SolidWorks FTW

While others might be out getting flung, we were in the Kod Lab.  Sad?  NO.  Awesome, YES.  Today, we ran over to the bookstore and purchased a 4GB Micro SD card for just $9!  With our shopping done for the day, we headed to the Kod Lab to divide and conquer.  Matt set to work formatting the SD card to run Ubuntu on the Beagle Board.  After learning a few ways NOT to configure the SD card, Matt was able to create a boot partition on the card.  While Matt did that, Tim worked on designing a simple platform to hold the Kinect and Beagle Board.  This involved sitting with a pair of calipers and determining the dimensions between the various holes that needed to be added to the platform.  Below is a screenshot of what the finished platform looks like.  It will be cut out of 1/8" ABS Plastic.

Tomorrow is Friday (yesterday was Wednesday, Saturday comes afterwards), and we plan on laser-cutting out our platform and continuing to configure the Beagle Board.

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